Read-worthy posts this month

With CES in Las Vegas and new client projects that we picked up in December, I hardly had any time for reading these last few weeks. From the little that I managed to read and watch on the run, here are some of my favorites so far:


1. Question: If product managers are CEOs of their products, why aren’t more of them CEOs?? Ask a Good Product Manager Blog has some interesting insights.


2. In the market for an E-Book reader? Ars Technica posts a CES preview: three e-readers to watch in 2010. Looks like the Sprint Skiff will be at a store near us soon, while The Plastic Logic’s QUE looks like a great technology that still needs some major marketing muscle. Brainstorm Tech has a video report with CNNMoney contributor Jonathan Blum reporting on e-readers at CES.

3. Wreak havoc or fine tune your windows 7 with the newly discovered GodMode(s). These CNET posts explain how to enable the undocumented developer features in Windows 7 and even Vista. Warning: Use these at your own risk. Try them out on a test system first.

4. The Unofficial Apple Weblog has an excellent post compiled from user responses on features most users would like to see for iPhone 4.0. Some of these wouldn’t be a bad idea for other smartphone OSs as well. Features like a system wide ignore option for device orientation status should be a no-brainer on any device with an accelerometer. My #1 feature request for iPhone? Release an SDK for Windows already!

5. Dave McLure had posted his presentation ‘Start up metrics for Pirates‘ on his blog  “Master of 500 Hats” that I missed somehow. Glad I caught it again (Thanks Luke)

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