iPAD/iPhone to iTunes Sync taking too long? Fix slow iTunes Synchronization

Like most other people, I love the iPad. For me at least, its useful features out weigh most of the inconveniences fans love to complain about. However, one of these minor inconveniences became particularly annoying in the last few weeks. My new iPAD suddenly started taking an incredible amount of time to sync with iTunes. The more apps I added, the slower iTunes finished synchronizing.  After some preliminary diagnostics, it was easy to see that the iTunes back up process was the culprit.

While backing up device content automatically is a very laudable iTunes feature, it’s really painful to keep waiting for iTunes to finish backing up my device – especially when it backs up after every Sync. A process that used to take 5-10 minutes on day one of the new iPad, now took almost several hours to complete!

Granted, I have managed to fill-up the iPad to the brim and do use Apps that deal with large data files. Still, that should not be an excuse for such a slow back-up, especially when I can back up an entire Terabyte of data on my PC to my external USB drive in less time.

Like so many others, I tried various snake-oil remedies to fix this on my iPad & iPhone (Disabling iPAD apps selectively, disabling my desktop anti-virus/firewall, removing suspect files that could have been corrupt etc.). It’s quite a surprise that there is not even a check box for turning this off in iTunes ‘preferences’, especially since it does have an option to disable sync’ng altogether. Apple should ensure developers code their apps to sync & backup more sensibly OR at least give more control on how and when you want your device to be backed up in iTunes. Until then, here are some workarounds.


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